Confidence, The Power Within You

Once, a motivator said that "No matter what the problem is, u could overcome every impossible thing with self confidence." Yes, he is true. But how we have a tenacious confidence? Because when we get into the higher level, we facing the higher problem. We absolutely will defeated by the problem if we don't have a tenacious confidence. So many people depend on the others, circumstance,

So now, how we have a tenacious confidence?
1. GreatLy rejoices
Number one habit is stay happy =) I always Love this passage " A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." It's important to set our heart free from worries. Set our mind free from negatives thought because our negative thought can be an obstruction from hearing God's voice. Focus on God and He'll set us free. The problem is still as long as we live in this world, but God is still good all the time =) Keep praising Him whenever, wherever! When we keep praising Him, we change our focus from us to Him who is an almighty God.

2. Lean on the Lord.
I abhor those who pay regard to vain idols; but I trust in, rely on, and confidently lean on the Lord.
Psalm 31 : 6. In my Life, whenever im feel like giving up; i always remind my self that i need God. U need God. All of us need God. But sometimes we stand before God, so He can't do anything. We can have our own principle, we can have our own thought, we can have our own culture but all are vain if the truth is not the source of all. The truth is always give us freedom, the wrong belief will be destroyed us.

Now on, we can sing "God is my refuge and im not forsaken. God is my stronghold and im not defeated.

[Febryna HaLim]

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