My Greatest Pleasure

Few weeks a go, my boyfriend took me to a café. The idea was suddently come when he picked me up from my workplace at Taman Anggrek mall. We’re going around the mall and finally he decided to take me to that café. The café was already become our place list to go since few months ago so, it’s like a dream comes true ^.^

I thank you so much my dear for took me there.

I love the concept of the café. It combines books, coffee and music. I love the three of it. Im a books addict, i can control my self when i see the big sale of fashion stuff although it’s a very very big sale but I lose control of myself when i enter bookstore. Even oftenly, I don’t finished the book because of certain factors; but by only visiting the bookstore, I feel so pumped. I have my own reason for it. I don’t have academic title. Many of them have it. But still lot of peoples out there, they don’t even know what alphabet is.

I have my own method to learn. I can say that books help me a lot to find a new understanding and I can freely choose the topic as my interest. We invest in ourself by evolving the new understanding. That’s why I love to invest in others by bought them a book. But don’t forget, we also have to practice what we have learn because somebody said that “practice makes perfect”.

Im a coffee lover who find my daily escape from a cup of coffee, I think it what makes starbucks becomes very popular nowaday. People just want to get their daily escape in the middle of routine. Maybe routine don’t make everybody sick but im one of the people who get sick because of routine. We have to find our own pleasure to keep ourself under control :P

I’m a music lover who comforted by my playlist. To sing, to dance, to express my self through what im listening to is one of my greatest pleasure.

What's yours?