What is Life?

Defining Life ...

The common saying ...
Life is beautiful
Life is good because God is good all the time
Life is a mystery

The fact is ...
Life doesn't always go as planned
Life doesn't always go your way
Life doesn't always running well
And God seems not good all the time

Bill Gates once said that ...
If you born poor, it is not your mistake. BUT if you die poor, it is your mistake.

I say life is your choise ...
How you live it!
How you define it!

Life is beautiful and God is always good for those who keep their gratitude in every season of their life.

Life is like season. It changing all the time. Life doesn't get easier. Trust me, u just become stronger! U define it, u choose how to live it!

A season doesn't stay forever. Enjoy it! Learn from it!

Be strong!

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