Ask, What is In My Heart?

When i meet someone, i can feel whether that person treat me like i'm somebody or i'm nobody. When i'm in the middle of crowd, i can feel which one is the good person and which one is the bad. The bad always be the person who treat me like i'm nobody. Only that easy to know how people value themselves by see how they value others.

Perhaps, the bad people are the people who value themselves by what can be seen by eyes. They don't trust their best, so how could they trust other's best?

Trust requires faith to see beyond what can be seen by eyes.

You can underestimate others by how u look at them, by the way u communicate to them, what sentence do u choose to communicate with them, and the most essential factor is by the way u considered them as.

I pray to God so i have that kind of love so i able to love unconditionally.
See all of people as the way God look at them.
Trust the best and invest in them.

Love need no judgement but only need the full acceptance.
And yes, i belive that our love might change that nobody to becoming somebody.
But it's start from our heart.

Ask yourself,
How i considered him/her/them as?

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