I don't have a perfect family. I realize, nobody has. Once, I though that my family is the worst in the world. But as I'm growing up, I know that I'm not alone.

There are so many children out there who abuse by their parent. I don't know all of their story, i just know the story of two kids who is my relatives. They don't go to school anymore because they have no money. Their mom leave them, their dad is jobless and their grandmother is struck. They are not more than 10 years old children. When I hear about their story, I want to hug them and say that everything will be okay.

Did you see? I don't have a courage to not be grateful. I even haven't see them yet. But I just know one thing that I don't have even a reason to complaining about the situation I faced. So many children have to face the worse.

When I'm feel like want to giving up, I'm just crying. Not for my imperfect family but for them who have to face much worse situation.

I wish I can reach them and give them comfort. I wish I can give them an education so they have the same chance as the other kids. I may have no chance like the others have but it's not a distance between me and my dream. I keep God's promises that He can do all things through anybody, including me, no matter what.

One day, I'll make a change for the better world. Now, I'm prepared by the situation. I have to face it bravely and rightly.

Febryna Halim

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