Your Responsibility

I don't care how bad or good my past has been, i don't care how bad or good my circumtances are at the moment, there is something I CAN specifically do now that will make my future either better or worse and THE CHOICE IS MINE.

REALLY DO ACCEPT responsibility for your future, you are within one step of some monumental changes and some serious progress in your life. When u decided to accept responsibility for your actions, you accepted responsibility for your future.

Until you accept responsibility for your future, your future is left to chance, and chance is a cruel seductress.

-by Zig ZigLar, taken from Over The Top-

The notes before this im talking about how to have confidence which is one of positive attitude that we need to achieve more^^
N Now im talking about take a responsibiLity by reaLize that our past and our circumtances are not important thing that we have to focus iN.

Focus on response and not reaction, response keeps your action but reaction keeps you complaining.

Lets ReaLLy do^.-

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